Joe Rodgers Sports Therapy

joe rodgers sports therapy mobile design

Joe Rodgers Sports Therapy asked me to redesign and replace his site with a modern and clean approach. We took a responsive approach and built a site with multiple devices in mind.

Joe is a Sports Therapist based in Kent, UK. He can assist with a variety of sports related injuries including rehabilitation therapy.

Le Savoir Etre

savoir etre

The Le Savoie Etre project came about via Jim T Web Design. I was tasked with building the pages based on their designs.

Le Savoir Etre are a professional consulting agency providing solutions & support to all areas of the service industry.

Virgin Media Homepage

virgin media

Virgin Media re-designed their homepage to create a modern, unique experience for their customers.

As part of small in house team I was tasked with bringing the site to life based on designs put together by our in house design team.

  • Roles

    Site build (Photoshop, HTML, CSS, CMS, Maintenance)

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  • Website

Virgin Media TV & Radio

virgin media tv

Virgin Media Celebrity

virgin media celebrity

Celebrity was the first project I experienced upon joining Virgin Media.

I was part of a small team that built the site and integrated it into our CMS.

  • Roles

    Site build (Photoshop, HTML, CSS, CMS Integration, Maintenance)

  • Year


  • Website

New Love Club

new love club

New Love Club is a modernist image based brand selling high quality fashion based T-Shirts.

Champion Print

champion print

This was the first freelance job I took on upon joining the industry. The site was designed and built based on a company brief.

Champion Print is a London based print company and have over 25 years of hands-on printing knowledge and experience.

Show & Stay

show and stay

Show and Stay was the primary website that I was part of building and maintaining during my time at Holiday Extras.