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  1. Portfolio Redesign/Rebuild. Ch.1 – Initial Ideas

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    This is the first in a series of posts relating to the new portfolio/blog that I am going to design and build.

    I’ve have been toying with the idea of designing and building a new portfolio for some time now. I feel my approach and direction within the industry has changed a little over the past couple of years. Also with the emergence of  HTML5, CSS3 and Media Queries, my site is starting to feel a little dated and this is the perfect opportunity to put some of these new technologies into practice. There is no real rush for this as I have something up and running, but the sooner I can produce something modern and fresh, encompassing some of the latest trends the better.

    Working from 9-5 tends to limit the amount of time available for personal projects, but if I can stick to a strict approach and not cut any corners, I believe I can produce the results I am looking for. With this in mind, I have been working on the following build structure that I would like to adhere to;

    • UX
    • Content
    • Viewports and grids (i.e mobile, tablet and desktop)
    • Sketches
    • Wireframes
    • Typography
    • Design
    • Technologies (i.e. HTML5, CSS3, Media Queries)
    • Build
    • Browser Testing
    • User Testing
    • Amendments
    • Release

    I’m hoping that coming up with a structured approach and sticking to it will be good for future projects.

    With regards to the site structure. I am very much considering using my blog as the home page. I would like to push my blog as the main focus of my site. This will then be followed by a work and contact page. My logo will act as a link back to the blog/homepage.
    I don’t feel the need to bloat the navigation out, so these three links will set the site structure. The site structure from then on may look something like the following;

    Blog > Article
    Work > Project > Launch Project
    About > Social

    For the design, I am considering taking a minimal approach. I want to produce something where the content speaks for itself. So my first thoughts are to center the design process mainly around Typography and use light, pastel background colours.

    In the next chapter I will discuss my decisions on viewports and grids as I plan on using Media Queries to create a flexible layout.